06 May 2009

salsa cruda

#19 of 50 - I got this from a tiny Mexican book we have in a set called "Cookshelf ____" (Mexican, Italian, baking, etc.)

6 to 8 tomatoes finely chopped - what I did was seed them into a bowl, then chop and mix the pieces back in with the juices and seeds. It made it much easier to chop them without having the juice and seeds running all over the place.

3 or 4 garlic cloves, finely chopped - I just crushed them with the garlic crusher thing (for some reason, the name of it is escaping me).

fresh cilantro leaves, chopped - I used dried because I forgot to get fresh at the store

1 can diced green chilis OR 3-4 fresh jalapeno or serrano chilis deseeded and finely chopped

3-4 scallions finely chopped

pinch of sugar
salt to taste
cumin - it says 1 tsp, I did it to taste.

Adam had half of it gone with the chips before I had dinner ready (we had it with taco salad), so he obviously approved it!


tawngap said...

It's called a garlic press. Fancy name, I know. =)

Lauren Baugus said...

We use the "Cookshelf" series too; we have the Thai and Italian ones, but Thai is our favorite. This sounds fabulous, though! P.S. How do you seed a tomato?