02 April 2009

Easter Challenge - garlic mashed potatoes

I actually just found this recipe at Christmas so we haven't used it at Easter yet ... but we will! It's our new mashed potato staple, from AllRecipes.

potatoes cut into small pieces and boiled until soft

Mix with ...
crushed garlic cloves
Parmesan or Romano cheese
a little bit of milk to cream it

The original recipe was to mass produce this and called for 50 pounds of potatoes. Use whatever amount of potatoes you normally make, and put everything in a little at a time until it's the taste that you like. It never would have occurred to me to put Parm and oregano in potatoes, but it's really good!

1 comment:

Anne said...

sounds yummy - last Thanksgiving we accidentally discovered that Buttermilk is REALLY good in mashed potatoes! really. and maybe that left-over cream cheese in the fridge. and fresh green onions. a little fresh dill. you know, whatever is lying around. that is the great thing about potatoes. they will accept anything (paprika and thyme are really good too!)!