10 April 2009

Easter Breakfast

So I really don't have a recipe for this, I don't even really have a name for it - but we have it every year in the days following Easter and it is so yummy. Not "knock your socks off" kind of yummy, but serious "comfort food" type of yummy.

Peel and chop of the died hard boiled eggs that are left - separating the whites from the yolks
Make a simple white sauce (plenty of salt and pepper)
Toss in the egg whites
Serve egg/white sauce on toast with crumbled egg yolks on top

I tend to make this every few months just because I like it, it is a lot more fun after Easter because you get a few spots of colored egg whites in the mix, festive and yummy, and a great way to use up hard boiled eggs.


stewbert said...

Oh yum ... I may have to try this too ... only ... figure out the no milk in the sauce thing.

abrew said...

I've tried it with rice milk, but at the moment i only had the vanilla flaver and the sauce tasted alittle "off" not bad, just strange - maybe it will work better with the plain rice milk?