10 April 2018

#2018FALQ2 Mindy

It's time for another round of Finish-a-Long!  
I did this for the last round of 2017 and finished 3 of 5 projects.

The lamb fabric used to be part of a dress that tore.
I was able to keep the bodice and Cupcake loves sheep, 
so I wanted to remake it, and I finally will.

2. Baby Toys (three)
Lots of new babies (especially boys) so time to make gifts!
They will look similar to this one.

I actually won a gift certificate from the FAL I did before,
and with it I got the Alder skirt pattern. 
I've made two already and adore them.  This will be one too!

The pattern from #1 (Maggie Mae)
and the MLP fabric from #3.

I love the McKenzie Tunic pattern.
It's my favorite and I've made it many many many times.
Cupcake has now outgrown the pattern, so time to grade up!

6. Abbey Jacket for Cupcake
This is the repeat from the first FAL that never got done.
(The fifth FAL did get finished, just not in conjunction with FAL.)

A UFO I started for Christmas, and realized she was getting enough stuff.
Low priority, but it's always nice to clear out the project box.

8. Christmas Quilt
Not likely to get done, but just in case I get motivated.
I've got about half of the squares sewn together, I think.

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