18 March 2015

Knot Kitty

I know I already did one version of this dress for Project Run & Play, but who says I can't make another?  (If this is too similar, and against the rules, please let me know!)

Since we're spending Easter in Idaho with my brother's family, I figured I would make a matching dress for cousin Kitty.  But we won't be there for another 17 days, and I wanted to show off the dress now.

Kitty's mom requested something besides a maple leaf, so I had some fun changing up the flip side - a floral center panel (on front and back) with a light blue gingham.  I'm pretty proud of myself for creating my own pattern, I'm just hoping it's long enough for the little girl it's intended for, since I forgot to take some seam allowance into consideration (I remembered the hem, I forgot about the top).   

And thank you, little man, for modeling the dress - you were the only one around that fits in size 2.  I promise I will never use these pictures as blackmail.  But you do look adorable!  (Why can't I get such fabulous pictures of my own kid so easily anymore?)


Sabrina said...

Cute. I love gingham. And don't tell anyone, but I've used my son to model skirts before. :-)

Mandapanda said...

Mindy, it looks great!! I love it - thanks so much!

treen said...

Ha ha ha! Summer and Marnie think it's so funny that a boy modeled the dress. I would have thought it totally hilarious if Cousin got the same maple leaf as Cupcake, just because of the whole US/Canada thing we've got going on. I would totally put my kids in the maple leaf regardless of nationality just because it looks so COOL! That's totally my favorite side of the dress.

Skirt Fixation said...

You are allowed to post as many as you want. We put up 2 last month! This one is as darling as your last one.

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

this is so cute!