30 May 2014

ruffled tote

Not a lot of sewing this month.  I had a large commissioned drawing to get done, a week long babysitting job, and my husband's new company getting started. 

did do my holiday challenge for the month though!  After making so much for my little girl, it was about time I did something for myself - a ruffle tote bag.  Technically for Mother's Day (and I am now a mother, so I count), even though it happened a few weeks late.  I had a tote bag that was falling apart, so I reinforced it and add a few ruffles on top.  Next time I'll make sure the ruffles overlap more.

Projects coming up:  a reversible baby bucket hat (that I'm terrified of), another pair of pajama pants, and possibly a red-white-and-blue little something for the reunion in July.

1 comment:

Frank and Evelyn said...

Hats look like they would be hard but are easier than you think. Have fun with all your projects.