14 April 2014

KCW spring

At long last, the FIVE flannel nightgowns are DONE! Hooray! That was my accomplishment for the spring KCW - the last one of the five.

I sewed 4 of the 7 days. The other 3 - I had book group, I had to spend a late night doing various paperwork and bills items, and the 3rd was a really long day working on our yard and transplanting a bunch of things in the front flower bed. The yard is still all torn up with piles of dirt and rocks here and there, but it's going to look really good when it's done! But that's another post.

Anyway - I also spent over an hour at the fabric store getting the fabric for SM's birthday dress and the lining fabric for JE's birthday dress. That's all been washed and JE's pattern has been traced off. The other thing that needs to be done this week is finally taking care of the elastic in the waists of the Easter skirts Mindy made for us (and figuring out tops to go with them for next Sunday - time is getting away from me). So my sewing continues, and that's my April holiday project - birthdays! Two birthday dresses, and then in May, I'm going to do the USA skirts for Memorial Day to get them done. I'll need to think of something other holiday things to work on in June and July.

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