26 April 2014

flowers outside

In addition to the inside of the house, we've been working on the outside. We've started terracing the edge of the front yard where it's a little hill down onto the driveway, and put in almost 30 strawberry bushes in the terrace levels. We have 4 grow boxes for a garden in the backyard - where we're going to put all of our tomatoes and other vegetables. I haven't taken pictures of all of that yet because it's not done. We're moving some bushes around, and I forgot to take before-pictures of all of that. Oops. But I will take pictures when we're done!

We also have a flower bed in the middle of the front yard, surrounding a random boulder that's just there. That's been my project, and we've got it at a good point. And since taking these pictures last week, the bulbs have grown a good bit and the bed looks a lot more full, even without adding more flowers to it yet.


AFTER - we added the rock border around it (from rocks we gathered all over our yard - they just appear here), and cleared out all the random junk from last year. The boulder in the middle of it has been named Fairy Rock by the girls. We're adding more flowers - we have some started in soil blocks in the basement under grow lights, but nothing has come up yet.

Adam added the little path with flat rocks so the girls can walk to Fairy Rock without stepping on anything. And JK had to check things out - she LOVES to be outside.

From the other angle. The bulbs are coming up nicely - we have some daffodils at the far end and the rest are supposed to be irises but we haven't seen any blooms yet. We also have a bunch of black-eyed susan daisies (yellow petals, black centers - they're awesome) that will blossom in the late summer/early fall.

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