22 March 2014

peasant shirt

Last week I made a t-shirt dress for myself (like the one I helped Ella with).  This week I made some towel bibs - cut a circle in a dish towel and sew in some ribbing.  And then last night and this morning I followed the instructions on this website to make Cupcake a new shirt.  Although she is only 20 months old, I made her what they call a size 4.  It came together very quickly and I absolutely love it.  The style, the length, the puffy sleeves, the color!  I want to stash the rest of the fabric away to make her another one of these shirts when she grows out of this one.  I could make it longer and turn it into a dress, or add elastic around the bottom or the waist, or lengthen the sleeves - this will definitely be a project to repeat!