20 September 2011

Height Chart & Chalk Board Menu

Pinterest (love that site!) reminded me of a couple of craft projects that I needed to do, so we got the supplies on Saturday at Home Depot

First up: Oliver's Height Chart

We made these for the other kids years ago
It is one of my favorite things we made for the kids
I wanted a physical way to record their height
but didn't want to use a door frame, because when we moved, we would not be able to take that with us
So we made these charts out of fence board, spray paint, a measuring tape hot glued down the middle
I like the way I did the names on the other kid's better
I can always change it later (nothing a little paint won't fix!)
Then you record their heights on one side and pictures of them at that age on the other
We measure the older kids every 6 months
It is fun to see how much they've grown!

Project #2 Chalkboard Menu

Ever since the kids started school, as soon as they get home they ask
"what's for dinner"
and then they ask that again every two minutes or so
either because
they never listen to my answers
or they forget just 2 minutes later :P

So I made a menu board for the week
That way they can quit asking
It also helps me with planning!

Fence board, primer, sanding, spray chalk board paint
let dry and done

I was so happy when they got home from school yesterday
"What's for dinner?"
I pointed to the board and they didn't ask again
YAY for things doing what they are supposed to do
Now, what question are they constantly going to ask now that I have solved that one??

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