02 September 2011

back to work

Yeah, so, um ... my 12 Months of Christmas have not exactly gone according to plan. I'm chalking it up to the fact that I've spent a majority of this calendar year pregnant, along with starting to homeschool our older 2 girls.

Today, I finally just had enough and sat down and sewed my April project - a felt garland. I've had all the little shapes cut out for months, and bought the ribbon and thread earlier this summer. Last night I started pinning it and today I finished it. No pictures quite yet because now comes the embellishment with fabric paint and glitter, but that can't be done until after the kiddos go to bed. My girls MUST TOUCH EVERYTHING. Drives me nuts. But really, this puts me in a crafting mood. I actually want to work on more stuff. Part of nesting, since the baby is due in about 3 more weeks? Probably. But still. I'll take advantage of the motivation while I've got it - lightning strikes so rarely around here.

Anyway, so I missed 5 months of Christmas projects - April to August. I'm happy with the 3 projects I did at the beginning of the year, but I'm going to start over on the 12 Months thing. It's one of my bucket list things to do so it needs to be done right.


Sam Jr. said...

We need pictures of you as well. :-)

Lauren Baugus said...

I got into a sewing frenzy this week as well. AND...I have FIVE commissioned, for-pay sewing projects from other people! I think it's a nesting thing. But you've inspired me to do another post too!

Liz Autry said...

I so need to get going on my projects. I have two quilts to finish along with figuring out what I am going to do for this baby girl we are having in January. I am so behind on my usual schedule! Usually by now I have a pattern picked out, and chomping at the bit to get the fabric. Not this time. Oh well. Maybe I will get started this week and get them all done before she is born? Maybe since I wrote it down here, I can hold myself to that ... lol!

Good luck with getting your projects done as well! :)