27 December 2010

the 12 months of Christmas

Yes, you read that right. My friend Amy (who has been added to the contributors on this blog - hello, Amy!) and I are going to make something for Christmas every month in 2011! It's going to be fun!

Our first draft list, in no particular order, includes:

felt hand puppets of the Nativity
a tree skirt
Christmas/winter playdresses for our girls
Advent calendars
handmade Christmas cards
dining room table stuff - runner, napkin rings, placemats, etc.
Nativity blocks
a felt garland of some sort of Christmas motif - lights, holly leaves, whatever
plan and compile materials for a whole month of crafting with kids (I was unsuccessful at doing this impromptu)

Okay, that's 9. Any more ideas? I suppose we should stop the list at 11 - January through November - and spend next December NOT working on the projects so we can enjoy the fun of doing crafts with our kiddos and baking! Mmmm ... baking ... I did not do nearly enough to appease myself this year. (Durned teething in my poor baby's mouth.)

No, we haven't decided what we're doing for January yet - I'll post it when we do. Anyone care to join us?


Alisha said...

That would be fun but I don't sew. Sad. Oh, in my ward we made a set of pipe chimes. I could send you the info on that and then you can have your own carol of the bells like thing :)

You could also make an advent calendar. We had ones my mom cut out of wood, toll painted and then put nails in (treated of course). Then we would put life savers on (we had a snow man and a Rudolf).

Also, we made another kind of advent calendar with three wise men my mom made and then steps to get to Jesus with scriptures on them for every day.

Good luck and have fun!

april b said...

Love this idea! Can I do it too? I have some ideas for the craft ideas to do with your kids.

Lauren Baugus said...

Stocking would be an easy option -- but I know most people already have them. Maybe a decoration of some sort for a mailbox? Or something with which to display Christmas cards?