06 March 2010

random news flash

I haven't posted much on this blog lately because we've had a series of cooking failures here. Not horribly bad, nothing burned or destroyed, but just stuff we didn't like.

The verdict is in: after multiple attempts, we do not like foods made with coconut milk.


abrew said...

really... that is so sad! i love coconut milk! too each his own - however - if you have an icecream maker you have to try two cans of coconut milk, a package of instant pudding and some vanilla - turn it until the maker won't turn any more - it is sooo yummy!! after a few days in the freezer it turns into a rock! but fresh - nearly as good as real icecream but with no dairy!

stewbert said...

the instant pudding mix i've found all has dairy. where did you find dairy free??? because that would be awesome.

And that's too bad treen. I use it in pancakes in place of milk so the husband and son can eat it without getting sick. I use it lots of other ways, too, but we like it. :)

abrew said...

ya- i have never looked to hard for dairly free pudding mixes - my little guy isn't THAT sensitive - so what little dairy there is in a pudding mix has never bothered him - good luck!