21 March 2018

Happy Scrappy Baby Toy

This is a busy week.  On Thursday (tomorrow!) we are leaving our cold Canadian home to visit the slightly-less-cold of Idaho for spring break.  Lots of cleaning and packing and maybe finishing the girls' Easter dresses.  So I shouldn't have looked up the latest Quilt Challenge on Persimon Dreams.  But I did.  I had really enjoyed veering off my planned path and making my little String Bean quilt last time, so why not see if I'm inspired again.  

Scraptastic.  Of course I'm inspired!  I love scraps.  I love working with them and turning them into something new.  How could I not want to do this??  With so little time, the only way I could allow myself to do it was to use it to check off something on my to-do list.  And I have a handful of baby presents I need to make.  Perfect.

Scanning over my Pinterest board of quilting ideas, I saw a lot of scrappy stars, so I quickly jumped on that idea (since I'm really bad at debating between everything) and got working.  I pulled out all my pinks and purples and cut 3" squares - I was impressed I found 16 different fabrics!  And I had just enough of the sunny floral for my background (leftover from Snowflake's Easter dress).

Lots of fun fabrics on the front.  Super soft pink fleece on the back.  A few ribbons for baby to play with.  And as a bonus, it crinkles too!  Finished at about 8" square and made in about three hours.  Another bonus, since I didn't repeat any fabrics, I have a second set of HST's to make another one.  And while I was at it I cut out squares to make a boy version (since this is for a set of twins!).


works4me said...

Great little project. Lucky babies.

PersimonDreams said...

I'm so glad you check it out and decided to join in the fun! And I hope you had a nice visit in Idaho.