21 February 2018

Doll Quilts

Trina's last post talked about making doll quilts.  So I followed the link and read all about it.  I had been in the middle of cutting out two new patterns (here and here) but I was inspired and immediately set those aside and started digging in my scrap box. 

Throughout the last year I had been cutting out 2.5" squares out of scraps - it helped my scrap bin stay somewhat organized and seeing a nice stack of squares made me happy.  I didn't have a particular project for them, just something to save up.  But now was the perfect time to use them.  Having pre-cut squares sure helped this little quilt come together fast.  I already had the backing (leftover from this shirt) and the binding was leftover from a recent project too. 

Also found in my scrap box: the leftover pieces from the Woven Star quilt.  I also had exactly enough navy for the backing, and one long piece of teal that demanded to be used for the binding.  The quilting was the most time consuming part of this project, but was worth it.  Maybe someday I'll even get good enough to not have any puckers in the back.  At least my binding skills have improved, just between quilt one and quilt two!

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Bernie Kringel said...

Mindy, these are wonderful. Thank you so much for making them for A Doll Like Me. I love the quilting on the blue one. Great job!