25 May 2017

They Match!

One day last week Cupcake declared it was going to be "Love Day."  She talked about it all day, and got all her stuffed animals lined up and ready for the celebration.  There were going to be games and songs and food.  In reality it was just another Friday, but I did make some pink cupcakes because nothing says Love Day like pink cupcakes.  And new pink dresses.

Even though I had a million other things to do, when I came across this soft pink floral cotton fabric in my stash I was inspired, and found myself cutting out a simple peasant dress.  I didn't fight it because: 
  1. Peasant dresses are fast and easy.  I've made several before. 
  2. She isn't quite 5 and already well into a size 8.  Everything is getting small.
  3. We're flying for summer vacation so we need dresses that pack flat.
  4. There's a floral link-up party on Project: Run & Play this month! 

But why make one when I can make TWO??  I had just enough fabric to make a tiny peasant dress for Snowflake (the skirt is pieced, and a bit shorter than I would like).  Their first matching outfits!   

I up-sized the free 0-3 month pattern I found on Sew Much Ado to something closer to 3-6 month.  And I tried the scalloped edging trick I found there.  Subtle, but super cute.  And now I want to buy all the rick-rack and do this on everything!  Sometimes it's the little things that really make a project special.

 For a spur of the moment weekend sewing project, I'm quite happy and so are my girls.  I see lots of coordinating outfits in the future, more rick-rack (I had no idea I could use it like that!), and plenty of pink cupcakes.  Happy Love Day!


Lalainia said...

Love the girls dresses!! How sweet to dress them the same. Love it!

Skirt Fixation said...

What sweet little trim. Very special for them to match!