29 August 2016

S is for Stencil

I made three (more) reusable grocery bags back in April.  Two for Tawnia, and another one for me.  I had just discovered freezer paper stencils, so I had to try it out.  (For a complete tutorial you can find one here.)  I have tried painting on fabric before, and this is the best method I have found so far to get clean lines and enough layers of paint on so it won't fade.

My favorite was the mermaid one (I found the original image on Pinterest and free-handed it).  A bold graphic that came together really quickly.  The aunt quote is fabulous BUT it took for. ever. to cut out all the letters.  Worth it, because Tawnia uses it all the time and loves it.  Tawnia also requested some flowers - and her favorites are lilacs.  I didn't stencil those at all, just had fun with a paintbrush, but I stenciled the butterflies afterwards.

Grey Sheepy shirt for a sheepy 4th birthday party!

 I actually made this shirt and stenciled it back in April.  I was going to use it to surprise my brother and sisters when I visited them.  But right before the trip I miscarried and had to put the shirt away.  Funny enough, when my sister came to visit at the beginning of August, I was able to pull out the shirt again to make our announcement to her!

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