18 April 2015

E is for Edited Elephants

I made a dress this morning.  An enormous elephant evening gown.  I liked parts of it, but the length of the teal was driving me nuts, and the elastic around the neck was too short.  It was annoying me, so I edited it.

The biggest change was trimming the teal, and making the whole thing a shirt instead of a dress.  I also lengthened the elastic in the neckline.  MUCH better.

I'm getting more comfortable with knits.  I especially love using pre-existing hems from old shirts - which I did for both the sleeves and the bottom.  That made this come together really quickly, even with all the editing.  And I love the colorful elephants - yet another sheet from the thrift store!

1 comment:

treen said...

Agreed. The shirt is MUCH better. Very cute!