09 January 2013

Homemade Christmas was a success (who knew)

Based off all the other inspirational and amazing things we've read about and heard, my husband and I decided last December (2011) that 2012 was to be all homemade.  And with that in mind, we set to work.  Didn't finish everything, but set to work.

For my daughters:
I made and designed for them journal jars as well as I made them there own journals that included pictures of them inside from growing up.  This is our new weekly activity.  They each select a prompt and write/draw the response to it.

My husband and I made them marshmallow guns.  This was a hit.  Who knew.  They are dirt cheap to make and ever so fun to play with.  Seriously cool.

My husband and I couldn't get enough of the PVC pipe so we made them both bows and arrows.  My kids thought Brave was, meh, but my oldest saves up her money to go to the local archery range as often as she can (which means once a year in the life of an almost 9 year old).  We also ended up making a set for some boisterous nephews of ours (with parental permission of course).

I did (and finished) my first sewing project ever.  I made skirts.  Simple ones.  Super easy ones.  But I did it. And if any of you have ever seen me bawling my eyes out over my daughters sewing machine just frustrated  you'd understand why this was a monumental feat for me.

I helped my youngest sculpt and Eiffle Tower vase for her sister.  We finished the vase but not the flowers we were making to go inside it.  We are working on this for a birthday in a few weeks.  Hopefully we finish, we really need to.

My daughters made:
Fleece blankets, table cloths, hair scrunchies (did I mention all of this is Hello Kitty themed since my youngest is obsessed, simple scarves, stories, coupon books, paper dolls, canvas bags, rice socks, garlands, ...

My husband made:
Lots of jewelry for my kids all inspired by owls and wolves and keys (which my kids love with a mania)
He was also working on a book for them.  He only got to 40k words and didn't have time to illustrate it.  So he is attempting to finish that for next year.

It was seriously awesome.  So awesome that they all unequivocally cannot wait to do it again and make this a staple.

here is a sample of what we want to do next year:
Lillian wants to learn how to use leather
Jason wants to stencil with bleach 
Coralie wants to make charms
I'm still on a hunt for more trucks so I can do this from recycled products
And of course something like this
My husband and I are also designing a board game and card game around these stories we all tell in our family about Princess Abigail and Princess Chloe ... long story short, but they are awesome.

Anyhow, thank you for your inspirations.  I know I can do it even though I am not a crafty person. Good with a camera, yes.  Great with movies, I'm your lady.  But crafty?  Nope.

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