17 July 2012

cradle makeover

Aaron's grandfather built a cradle for Aaron's siblings when they were young. At some point someone repainted it with the blue base and detailing. For the last few years it has been sitting in someone's garage (on the opposite side of the family, strangely enough), and when Aaron found out his sister wasn't using it, he wanted it for our little girl. I thought it was a sweet idea, but as soon as I saw the cradle I knew it had to get repainted. 

So Aaron cleaned it, sanded it, and got to painting. The first coat was quite the surprise because the color we picked out was NOT purple. But we were patient and added another two coats of paint.

And there we have it! A beautiful chocolate brown, suitable for many babies to come. We were planning on adding some pink details for our girl, but once we saw the deep glossy brown we decided no other decoration was needed.  All that's left is to make a small foam mattress (most likely from an egg carton camping pad), and it's ready for the little one to arrive!


treen said...

Looks gorgeous! Good job!

If you want pink frills on it (which would still be cute), add them with ribbon or a little bumper or the sheets, or other fabric things that would not require a new paint job. Love the Milne Winnie the Pooh blanket!

Lauren said...

How sweet! I'm always amazed how good a solid coat of paint looks! :) On another note, it's really amazing to have a piece of furniture like that in the family. Such a treasure; I'm glad you were able to salvage it and make it your own.