10 November 2010

cupcake crafts

At Trina's request I am sharing my secret.

I love cupcakes. They're cute and delicious and individual-sized fun. As I surfed the net for some Christmas craft ideas I came across a few cupcake ornaments. Some I liked, some I didn't, but I ended up coming up with my very own. Behold: cuteness in a cup(cake wrapper).

The best part is they are SUPER EASY to make! All you need is: mini cupcake wrappers (Michael's), styrofoam balls (dollar store), and I had everything else on hand - scissors, seed beads, hot glue, tiny metal rings (left over from jewelry making), and ribbon.

- Use the scissors to hack up half of the ball so it isn't smooth anymore. Experiment with it a bit until you get a texture you like.
- Hot glue into a mini cupcake wrapper. A bit on the bottom and then all the way around. I was worried that my balls were too small, but once I started gluing they were exactly perfect.
- Use more hot glue to add beads, ribbons, and any other decorations. Glue on the metal ring to loop some ribbon through to hang, or just glue the ribbon right on top. Tada!

I'll probably be doing some more experimenting with these during the week - I'm curious what paint will do on the styrofoam, and I want to wander the dollar store and find other things to put on top - little berries or bells or bows. Super cute to put on the tree, attach to presents, and give away to friends while caroling! A sweet Christmas treat that won't go to your waistline.

(The Polly Pockets on the far right were our wedding (cup)cake toppers. Since we got married right after Christmas this was the perfect way to display them!)


tawngap said...

Have you thought about using straight pins, the ones that have balls of different colors on the end? You could then poke them in and move them around until you're satisfied.... and it makes for less gluing/burning your fingers on the hot glue (which I ALWAYS end up doing when working with hot glue!)

treen said...

My sisters are GENIUSES!

Mindy said...

I didn't have straight pins - but that could work! Pins do strangely sound safer than hot glue for Trina and her girls.

I never burned my fingers - I'd slide the bead onto the end of a needle and then touch it to the end of the glue gun and then stick it on the cupcake. Hands were safe the whole time :) (But probably not so safe that you'd want a 4 year old doing it.)