06 February 2011


I want to be a domestic goddess. I do. So there. It's a lofty goal of course, and it seems all the more loftier since my house at the moment smells vaguely of poopy diapers, dirty dishes, and dead flowers. The downward spiral is a quick one my friends.

But let's talk about goals. I have ones that are more achievable than becoming a domestic goddess. Like the 12 months of Christmas projects. That's doable...ish. January's project was to sew up 8 place-mats. Let me just say that this was an ill conceived idea. Place-mats are cheap. Much cheaper than the cost of materials here. And although place-mats are easy enough to sew, I seemed to get every single one of them crooked. Holy cabooses, it was boring too. All of those straight (or not quite straight in my case) lines, and doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over. It was a battle of wills and for the greater part of January the place-mats were winning. In a come back that can only be described as epic I finished them on Jan. 31. Booyah! Who's winning now place-mats? Who's winning now.

So February's project? I have set the goal of making one of these. I made these stockings last year for family who were visiting. Ran out of December before I could make any for my immediate family.

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