28 February 2011


So, apparently, all I need is a looming deadline to get things done. I started* this Sunday afternoon and finished it today. Granted, I did have quite a bit of down time today. When my baby girl is sick, she naps (as in NAPS!). Thankfully, she seems to be doing much better this evening. She went to bed happily and fell asleep readily, which means that I finished my project with a few hours of February to spare.

Right so about my February project. Technically, I had sort of a head start. The pattern, batting, and quilt-lining were all cut (I did this sometime back in January) and the true lining was already sewn. I hung our stocking linings this past December because I sort of ran out of time... December is a busy, busy month. All I needed to do was piece, quilt, and assemble. Originally I had decided on a traditional patchwork pattern...but those are finicky...and I kept changing my mind about which one I liked for my daughter. I then saw this amazing show on Public Television about "strata quilts" and I thought something like that might be fun. It was just going to be the snowflake print and the cream, but that bored me and I worried that my daughter wouldn't like her stocking because it was blue and "boring." I found the shiny fabric in my stash and liked that it added another "pretty" texture. I also liked it because it is suspiciously similar to a Christmas party dress my mom made for me when I was little. It came from my mom's stash so maybe it was a scrap from long ago? Anyhow it'll make for a good story if my daughter protests the "blue-ness" of her stocking. I spent all of November last year looking for letter charms. I finally found key chains at one of our local gift shops. So glad I splurged on them.

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treen said...

Looks great, and the A is a keychain? Very clever!

I have my February project ALMOST done! Just need another hour or so at the sewing machine to finish it up. Haven't quite decided what I'm doing for March yet, but that has to wait until we get back from our trip anyway.