08 June 2009

brand name tomatoes

I thought I'd pass on this observation ... I was grocery shopping for tomato sauce and tomato paste this morning at the Super Walmart and started reading the sides of the cans. I was totally surprised. Not only is the Walmart brand half the cost of Hunts or Del Monte, it also has half the sodium and no extra sweeteners. Hunts has corn syrup and over 400 grams of sodium per can. The Walmart brand has no sweeteners at all (just tomatoes) and about 250 grams of sodium. Check the side of the can on canned diced tomatoes - the Walmart brand is better there as well.

The brand of tomato paste that you get at Costco - the name escapes me at the moment - is a bad one as well with sodium and sweeteners. Go with Walmart for tomato paste.

I'm completely shocked by this - I was expecting the exact opposite.

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